Inspired by HBO's "True Blood" and the novel "Twilight", Vampire Love delivers a sensual, dark flavor to this new CD. This album is a sonic delight, featuring screaming guitars, massive synths, larger than life pianos, rocking drums, sincere lyrics and hot vocals. Staying true to his style, each song tells a intriguing story with memorable lines, compelling topics, and as always "love songs".

The album effortlessly flows from beginning to end, leaving you hungry for more. (click on album to hear samples)


  vampire love cd


This is without a doubt some of his finest song writing in well over 20 years. The songs are uplifting and inspirational, and although some depict the struggle and perseverance it takes to climb up and out of a dark place, they also deliver the hope and peace that's offered by the mere act of continually pushing forward and never giving up.
The CD features many artists that Chazz had performed with in his past, as well as new musicians and singers to enhance and complete this project. The tunes are reminiscent of the 70's with solid band tracks and lots of vocal harmonies.

(click on album to hear samples)




The Fire Within is written from the heart.  Impossible to put down, it demands your attention from cover to cover.  In it, you follow the life of Chazz DeMeyer from his childhood, through the explosive 60’s when the music revolution engulfed him, and on through a life journey filled with excitement, success, tragedy and love.  The Fire Within is a true life story, with all the elements of a great novel.  The vivid detailed accounts put you there with Chazz as he experiences great success followed by a tragic accident, then rehabilitation and life-affirming recovery.  You won’t want this book to end. Each book includes the complete Recovery album sampler and lyrics.



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